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Plant Inventory

Borehole Drilling Systems.

Hands England top drive rotary rig. Capacity 100—250 mm diameter to a maximum depth of  165 m. This medium sized truck mounted rig has been specially constructed to work in locations where space is at a premium or access is restricted.  It is mounted on an AWD  9.65 tonne 4 x 4 truck providing off road capability in a compact  6 mtr unit.  The rig is fully equipped for air, mist, and mud flush drilling.

Berreta Waterwell Track mount.

Built to our specification by Alfedo Berretta  srl in 2009 as a specialist water well rig designed as a powerful yet compact go anywhere drilling rig, mounted on a tracked chassis with radio remote control this rig has a capability of  100 mm – 500 mm diameter to maximum depth of 330 m. Equipped with 30 ton casing jacks and clamp and break table.

Flushing systems.

Gardner Denver Compair 23 cu mtrs/min / 17 Bar compressor for air flush drilling mounted on a full road tow chassis. New for 2012.

Sullair 25 cu mtrs/min / 24 bar compressor, for air flush drilling. A very high pressure compressor for drilling larger diameter or very deep boreholes.

35 bar Modified Stable Foam generator, creates a continuous supply of pre- generated “dry” foam which is pumped directly to the drill bit to flush larger diameter and extremely deep boreholes or when difficult loose formations and voids are encountered.

AEI/ Duetz  5 1/2” x 8” mud pump. 750 lpm @ 24 bar mud drilling pump.

Warman 100 mud/water drilling pump. Perkins powered 1500 lpm @ 8 bar.

MC4000 drilling fluid cleaning system with 4000 ltr clean mud tank, twin screen Cobra shale shaker, triple hydro cyclone desilter system, mud gun and mud mixer. The system picks up and reprocesses 55 cu mtrs of drilling fluids per hour. Trailer mounted for road tow deployment

Grouting equipment.

Groutation Well Grouting Unit. Batch mixer with 40 bar @ 75 lpm grout pump, equipped with  200 mtrs of steel high pressure tremmie injection pipe, for OPC/Bentonite grouting of boreholes and well casings.

2 x Sandpiper  1500 lpm 12 bar grout slurry pumps.


1 x Landrover Discovery.

1 x LWB Landrover 110

1 x 3 tonne LWB transit van

1 x MWB transit van

1 x Transit connect van

1 x Foden 19 Ton plant truck with “slow approach” loading ramps

1 x Avonride low loading plant trailer.

1 x 3.5 T general purpose trailer.

1 x drill rig tender rod and casing trailer capacity 250 mtrs.

1 x 1000 litre, fully bunded fuel bowser. Compliant for highway fast tow and site use.

1 x Mainway 1300 ltr site water bowser with 2” Honda powered transfer pump.

Test pumping and monitoring equipment.

2 x       Positive displacement dirty water borehole pump, equipped with low level control panel for cleaning and developing deep or low yield boreholes.

10 x     Borehole test pumps, sizes 4”, 6” and 8” with flows from 2—150 cu mtrs/hr  heads up to 250 mtrs.

4 x       Portable site generators up to 5 kVA.

1 x       Trailer mounted 30 kVA  mobile generator set.

6 x       Cambertronics data loggers systems with various transducers 35 mtrs—100 mtrs.

1 x       Panasonic toughbook waterproof data acquisition computer.

Borehole completion unit.

An extensively equipped civil engineering unit to install the associated services,  pipes, cables and equipment to complete the borehole installation.

1 x       Volvo XB160 tracked excavator.

1 x       Benford 2.5 Tonne 4×4 dumper. Hydraulic drive, tip and steer.

1 x       Kawasaki hydraulic breaker system.

1 x       Pacedryl, hydraulic rotary drill.

1 x       EPS diamond road/concrete cutting plant.

1 x       Stihl  diamond saw.

Various small plant and tooling and pumping equipment