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About Us


Established in 1988 the Blair Water Group are specialist water engineers providing a full range of services to private water consumers. We offer a range  specialist disciplines creating one of the most comprehensive water engineering services in the UK.

With regulation by the Environment Agency (Abstraction and Licensing) and Environmental Health Departments (Private Water Supply Regulations) it is essential that your water contractor has both the experience and resources to deliver a total solution on which you can rely.  Our team of specialist staff can deliver a “one stop solution” to your water needs.

From viability study to the finished product coming out of your tap,  Blair have both the resources and the experience to complete the job,  and our “ServicePlan”  maintenance schemes ensure that the water continues to flow, day after day.


Cheshire Pump & Filter (CPF) has been servicing the needs of private water supply consumers since 1988.  In 1989 Blair Drilling was founded by its original owners and this was the beginning of a long and successful relationship between the two companies that was to last nearly 15 years.  Blair Drilling was acquired by CPF in 2003, bringing “in house” the resources, plant assets and many years of staff experience to form a water engineering business of unrivaled experience and resources, hence our motto…”Delivering expertise through experience”.


Borehole and Water Well Drilling and Maintenance

Blair staff are highly experienced, fully trained, and qualified Water Well Engineers, holding CITB  Level 2 Land Drilling Certification (Water Well Drilling) which qualifies us to work on any land based drilling site in the country and is your assurance of a professional, safe and knowledgeable drilling crew. Our staff undergo regular industry training schemes and we are registered work based recorder for the level 2 land drilling qualification. The company is a full corporate member of the British Drilling Association.

Water filtration engineers

We design, sell, install and service water filtration equipment for all sizes of supply from a single house to over 1 million litres per day for industry or utility supply. Each year we commission around 50 new supplies, whether upgrading a filter system to meet the latest requirements or providing a complete new system to replace an inadequate or contaminated supply, our engineers have the experience and the resources to deliver the complete package.

Service and maintenance

Our ServicePlan schemes are widely recognised as one of the most comprehensive planned maintenance schemes available in the industry. In addition we offer a “first response” emergency service to ensure breakdowns and problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

When you choose the Blair Group you are employing a leading water engineering company with the resources, expertise and the experience to deliver.